Onon Urjinkhand: Immunity, June 4 to June 18, 2019

The Immunity


The art exists right there, in those moments of contemplation. In her works, white expresses gloomy thoughts and dark colors expresses love and tenderness. These are the things I wish you all could first see at the exhibition entitled “Immunity”. There are no fortuitous lines in the pieces. Instead, all lines shall lead you to the conceptualization of itself. The hues are radiant and soft, but it evokes sorrow. The abstracts are innocent, but how does it elicit such perceptions? Another question of why? That why?


“Immunity” is the “Present” created by Urjinkhand. The “Past” and “Present” is in the eyes of the beholder, at conflict, but inseparable twins of thought that coalesce with one another. That is her awakening, and her language of art. This language is her main idea. We are supposed to see the former first.


Journalist D.Oyunnomin