Erdene Sukhbaatar: “O”, Apr 24, 2018



Human bodies and faces reveal naked truths of our inner souls, reflecting underlying subconscious desires and feelings derived from physical and spiritual merging. New works to be displayed in exhibition “O” is about naked truths of our souls.

Artist S.Erdene graduated from the Mongolian State University of Culture and Art in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. He started his artistic career right after graduation, working in his rental studio.

At earlier stages of his career, he had predominantly used cubistic shapes and vivid colors for his works. His technique has been gradually transforming into softer, yet blended manner, frequently describing human bodies and soul. Shapes of human bodies, faces and organs created by thick brushstrokes with “calligraphic” technique remind us mixtures and merges of continues flows, which makes his work pretty unique.