Art Space 976+ is a leading contemporary art gallery of Mongolia located in Ulaanbaatar city. The Gallery program is distinguished by its pioneering interdisciplinary exhibitions, daring performances and critical and reflective discussions with artists and curators. Since its conception in 2012, the gallery has become a crossing point for the artists and intellectuals alike, marking it as a cultural hub of Ulaanbaatar city.


Today gallery represents the most influential and renowned contemporary artists of Mongolia, the participants of prestigious international art exhibitions such as Venice Art Biennale, Documenta, Shanghai Biennale, Asia Pacific Triennial and many others.


Founded by Gantuya Badamgarav, the gallery remains true to its ethos of supporting Mongolian contemporary art and continues to increase the visibility of Mongolian artists globally, all the while collaborating with renowned international artists. As non-profit based institution, all of its proceeds go towards the funding of its artistic endeavors.


Due to COVID-19, exhibition space is closed now. Currently Red Corner, a nomadic public art initiative is going on in Ger districts, which accommodates the majority of low income families of Ulaanbaatar city.



GANTUYA BADAMGARAV Founder & Artistic Adviser

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