8 ASIA PACIFIC TRIENNIAL: Mongolian artist Uuriintuya Dagvasambuu at QAGOMA


Mongolian artist Uuriintuya Dagvasambuu works will be displayed from 21 Nov 2015 till 10 Apr 2016 at QAGOMA


Uuriintuya Dagvasambuu creates dreamlike works characterised by fine brushwork, innovative composition and an elegant use of colour. Drawing on traditional patterned designs to reflect the experiences of Mongolian women, Uuriintuya’s paintings incorporate both poetic and everyday imagery, creating subtle contrasts between the manufactured and the natural or organic, and between intense, massed detail and flat planes of colour.


Her paintings frequently include recognisable motifs from traditional Buddhist painting and East and Central Asian aesthetics, as well as psychologically charged imagery of contemporary life. Tumbash model XQ 2014 centres on the four harmonious animals of Buddhist mythology (bird, hare, monkey and elephant) forming a pyramid beneath a fruit tree and accompanied by a tangled mass of human figures and kitchen utensils. The massed figures and out-of-scale household objects reappear in Path to wealth 2013 and Unnamed energy 2014.


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Uuriintuya Dagvasambuu Path to Wealth 2013 (Collection of QAGOMA)